Hey Porter wins Blind Tasting!

Check it out! Oregon Beer Growler selected our Hey Porter this month!
Leikam Brewing: Hey Porter, Portland
6.4% ABV; 40 IBUs
Brewer’s Description: Throw down your cash and grab our Hey Porter. You won’t be able to wait for a second pint once you taste this unique blend of coffee, chocolate and wheat malts. Created in honor of our third son, Daniel Porter.

Consumer Comments: A ruddy complexion and vigorous head introduce Leikam Brewing’s Hey Porter. This month’s favorite, the Hey Porter’s nose of blackcurrant, molasses and polite yeast yield to coffee and hints of juniper and a mildly bitter mid-palate. If it sounds complicated, it’s not. This well-balanced brew confidently evolves to a clean finish.

Leikam Gets Love from Beaverton!

Aside from fresh fruit and vegetables, Kosher beer is among the many items that the Beaverton Farmers Market offers each Saturday.

THE TIMES: MANDY FEDER-SAWYER - Beaverton Farmers Market Master Ginger Rapport displays Leikam beer, a kosher nano-brew featured in a booth at the market Saturday, June 3.
Theo and Sonia Marie Leikam wanted a family-centered life they had control over — a life that was free of regret. They found that life through the magic of beer.

The Beaverton Farmers Market introduced numerous new booth items to this year’s line-up, including Leikam Brewing, the only certified kosher craft brewery west of New York.

The Portland brewery got its start in a garage in 2014. Theo began craft brewing more than eight years ago and it became a passion that turned into a business.

“This is our first year here at the Farmers Market,” Sonia Marie said. “We are really enjoying it and people seem happy with the beer.” Leikam’s booth is one amid many in the “Liquid Lounge” area at the Beaverton Farmers Market.

Leikam Brewing is Portland’s first kosher, community-supported brewery. Leikam offers subscriptions through a community-supported brewery membership.

The Leikams said, “Much like community-supported agriculture programs offered by farms in our community, a community-supported brewing membership gets beer-lovers special access to Leikam Brewing brews all year long. It allows us to support the innovative and sustainable brewing practices we strive to maintain and improve upon.”

In order for a beer to be deemed certified kosher, the applicant must complete and send an application to the Kosher Check office. The application asks for logistical information about the company, the plant and ingredients. A rabbi is then assigned to handle the application.

A qualified rabbi visits the plant to observe the operation and the feasibility of certifying products and then files a written report. The application and inspection report are reviewed by the Rabbinical Council and the rabbi drafts a contract including all of the requirements of Kosher Check for kosher certification.

A letter of certification is sent to the applicant, who can submit new product labels carrying the Kosher Check symbol for final approval.

The Leikams, who have three young sons, have a dedicated, detached 408-square-foot brewery building on their residential property in Portland. They said their neighbors are very supportive of their business endeavor.

Theo left his job as a certified public accountant to become a full-time brewer and Sonia Marie works full-time for the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation for the teen and young adult philanthropy program.

“The Jewish community is something we value very much,” Sonia Marie said. “We wanted the brewery to be a reflection of who we are, and to be visibly Jewish.”

For more information, visit leikambrewing.com.

Mandy Feder-Sawyer
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

For the love of brewing: For the next wave of Oregon brewers, brewing is an art and a lifestyle

We recently were featured along with Gateway and DeGarde Brewing in this sweet article. Excerpt is below. Full article is here.

Leikam Brewing – Community-Supported Brewing

For Theo and Sonia Marie Leikam, brewing is all about family. Leikam Brewing is Portland’s first community-supported brewery (CSB) – think of a farm share program, but for beer. It’s also the only kosher-certified brewery west of New York.

Before starting Leikam, Theo and Sonia Marie were looking to gain more control over their lives. Theo, an accountant, traveled frequently for business, and they had three small children. Sonia Marie comes out of the non-profit world. Tired of the travel required of many accountants, and tired of working on other people’s finances, Theo and Sonia Marie considered several alternatives. For Theo as a home brewer, starting a microbrewery was an attractive option, allowing him to develop his craft brewing expertise, while permitting the couple to be close to their growing children.13268590_1107235882655671_5450285294665805200_o

Although it started as a part-time venture, Leikam has become a full-time business for Theo, while Sonia Maria still divides her time between the brewery and a local non-profit. Like many nanobrewers, Theo and Sonia Marie divide the responsibilities of the business. Theo is the principal brewer, while Sonia Marie is responsible for sales, social media and branding.

Theo has always had neighborhood support for his brewing, and it seemed almost natural for the couple to build a brewery in their backyard. Early on, they introduced a Community-Supported Brewing program which allows their subscribers to pick up beer at the brewery. It’s a good way for Leikam to forecast at least part of their sales in advance and even out their cash flows. The CSB also builds the sense of community that is integral to their business. Customers pick up beer at Leikam’s backyard brewery, and sometimes will even just leave an empty growler as a not-so-subtle hint that it’s time for a refill.

15027542_1244066908972567_8235372076985256556_nLeikam also sells beer through more traditional channels. With a passionate customer base, Leikam’s reputation has grown beyond their community. Customers have spread the word, and Leikam’s beer is available at restaurants and taprooms across the Portland area. Their ability to brew small batches of beer has helped too, and they have been asked to create custom beers for John Gorham’s Mediterranean Exploration Company and Shalom Y’All.

Theo and Sonia Marie also cite support from the Portland craft brewing community as being critical for the success of their business. They have found the other brewers to be willing to meet and to share their successes and failures. Sonia Marie has found brewers who are women to be especially supportive, and was part of the Pink Boots Society of women beer professionals from an early stage.

Leikam is meeting the plan they set for their growing business, and they are looking at what’s next. Given the competitive brewery landscape in the Portland area, they know it will take time to become the next craft brewing success story, but they’re committed to it.



Can it Baby gets some press!

Check out this wonderful article about women crowdfunders featuring our #Canitbaby #Crowler campaign here!

Serving Better Beer (via Indiegogo)

The Business: In 2014, Sonia Marie Leikam of Portland launched a beer brewery called Leikam Brewing that she can see from her kitchen window. She takes great pride in having full community support and now wants to expand her business by selling her brews at farmers markets in the area. To do that, she needs money to purchase a Crowler machine, which will let her team seal 32-ounce cans of beer drawn directly from the tap that will stay fresh up to 3 weeks.

The Money: With a month left in the campaign, Leikam has raised $1,051 of her $6,732 goal. While not raising enough funds would “totally bum” her and her colleagues out, Leikam says she is willing to use credit cards and loans to purchase the Crowler, in service of continuing to bring better beer to Portland.


2017 Willamette Week Beer Guide

Portland’s brewing community is generally friendly and accommodating. Then there are people like Theo and Sonia Marie Leikam who will invite you (a relative stranger) into their home on an icy December evening to sample beers from their backyard brewery while their three sons (aged 8, 5 and 3) watch The Jungle Book upstairs. This is partly because Leikam Brewery doesn’t have an official taproom, but also because they are just that nice.

(Leikam, Hanada Photo)
(Leikam, Hanada Photo)

Their beers, like the brightly bitter Janis Hoplin IPA and the pleasantly boozy Grateful Red, can be found on tap at a few bars and restaurants around town like Mediterranean Exploration Company, Imperial Bottle Shop and Hawthorne Hophouse. But Leikam also operates Portland’s first CSB (like a CSA but with beer instead of veggies), where members can get their growlers filled twice a month. To top it off it’s also the only certified kosher brewery outside of New York. L’chaim!

Drink this: Crossroads Session IPA. Light, bitter, balanced.

The Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives

Sonia Marie was recently added to the Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives.  This super cool archive established in 2013, is the first in the U.S. dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing materials that tell the story of Northwest brewing. You can view her oral history in the video below alongside some of the most amazing pioneers of the Oregon beer industry.

The Willamette Week comes to visit

Original Article on Leikam
By Sophia June
Updated February 24
Published February 23
230-9636, leikambrewing.com. By appointment only.

Leikam Brewing’s motto is “Can’t help but Leikam,” and it’s true— excepting brewer Theo Leikam’s experimental mango- and passionfruit-infused pale ales, the backyard brewery’s beers are consistent, unassuming, deliciously simple and, uh, kosher. The Shoreline Pale is crisp and light, with hints of hops and malt that aren’t overpowering, unlike the melted popsicle syrup taste in the experimental mango ale. Leikam was a hobby brewer for six years before he and his wife broke ground on a custom brewery space in their backyard two years ago, and they released their first keg to the public just last May. They only make 14 kegs a month, so their business model relies on a community-supported brewing model, a subscription-based club that gives members exclusive tastings and either six, 12 or 24 growlers a year. Leikam may be hard to find, but for people who have grown sick of hops, its beer is hard to let go of.

Drink This: Hey Porter, a smooth chocolaty coffee porter that’s more like light cappuccino than milky like a mocha.

Hawthorne Street Fair-Brewpublic

From Brewpublic:


Also taking place during the Hawthorne Street Fair is the Grand Opening of the new neighborhood, backyard production brewery of Leikam Brewing. Earlier this year a new brewery founded by Theo and Sonia Marie Leikam opened its doors in Southeast Portland. Leikam Brewing is unique as a certified kosher, community-supported nanobrewery. Now with the 5-barrel brewery in full production, Leikam Brewing is set to host its official Grand Opening Celebration during the Hawthorne Street Fair. The celebration will be on Sunday, August 16 from 11 AM – 7 PM at Growlers Hawthorne on 34th and Hawthorne.

The opening will feature 4 of the couple’s beers including 2 of its flagships, the Shoreline Pale and the Janis Hoplin IPA. The other beers featured will include the Funky Town Apricot Ale and a limited edition double IPA. There will also be live music, giveaways and lots of fun for all.


Full article here.