Leikam Gets Love from Beaverton!

Aside from fresh fruit and vegetables, Kosher beer is among the many items that the Beaverton Farmers Market offers each Saturday.

THE TIMES: MANDY FEDER-SAWYER - Beaverton Farmers Market Master Ginger Rapport displays Leikam beer, a kosher nano-brew featured in a booth at the market Saturday, June 3.
Theo and Sonia Marie Leikam wanted a family-centered life they had control over — a life that was free of regret. They found that life through the magic of beer.

The Beaverton Farmers Market introduced numerous new booth items to this year’s line-up, including Leikam Brewing, the only certified kosher craft brewery west of New York.

The Portland brewery got its start in a garage in 2014. Theo began craft brewing more than eight years ago and it became a passion that turned into a business.

“This is our first year here at the Farmers Market,” Sonia Marie said. “We are really enjoying it and people seem happy with the beer.” Leikam’s booth is one amid many in the “Liquid Lounge” area at the Beaverton Farmers Market.

Leikam Brewing is Portland’s first kosher, community-supported brewery. Leikam offers subscriptions through a community-supported brewery membership.

The Leikams said, “Much like community-supported agriculture programs offered by farms in our community, a community-supported brewing membership gets beer-lovers special access to Leikam Brewing brews all year long. It allows us to support the innovative and sustainable brewing practices we strive to maintain and improve upon.”

In order for a beer to be deemed certified kosher, the applicant must complete and send an application to the Kosher Check office. The application asks for logistical information about the company, the plant and ingredients. A rabbi is then assigned to handle the application.

A qualified rabbi visits the plant to observe the operation and the feasibility of certifying products and then files a written report. The application and inspection report are reviewed by the Rabbinical Council and the rabbi drafts a contract including all of the requirements of Kosher Check for kosher certification.

A letter of certification is sent to the applicant, who can submit new product labels carrying the Kosher Check symbol for final approval.

The Leikams, who have three young sons, have a dedicated, detached 408-square-foot brewery building on their residential property in Portland. They said their neighbors are very supportive of their business endeavor.

Theo left his job as a certified public accountant to become a full-time brewer and Sonia Marie works full-time for the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation for the teen and young adult philanthropy program.

“The Jewish community is something we value very much,” Sonia Marie said. “We wanted the brewery to be a reflection of who we are, and to be visibly Jewish.”

For more information, visit leikambrewing.com.

Mandy Feder-Sawyer
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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