Can it Baby gets some press!

Check out this wonderful article about women crowdfunders featuring our #Canitbaby #Crowler campaign here!

Serving Better Beer (via Indiegogo)

The Business: In 2014, Sonia Marie Leikam of Portland launched a beer brewery called Leikam Brewing that she can see from her kitchen window. She takes great pride in having full community support and now wants to expand her business by selling her brews at farmers markets in the area. To do that, she needs money to purchase a Crowler machine, which will let her team seal 32-ounce cans of beer drawn directly from the tap that will stay fresh up to 3 weeks.

The Money: With a month left in the campaign, Leikam has raised $1,051 of her $6,732 goal. While not raising enough funds would “totally bum” her and her colleagues out, Leikam says she is willing to use credit cards and loans to purchase the Crowler, in service of continuing to bring better beer to Portland.


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