The Beer

We take a very hands-on approach to brewing our small batch beers and pride in creating a craft product. We’re a small brewery, which allows us to make many different beers, some regularly, while others are quick creative outbursts. Our flagship beers are brewed year round, and most of the time we have it in stock. Our beer is available on draft, and we are able to fill anything at the brewery in a Crowler or growler to go.

We have obtained our Kosher Certification from Oregon Kosher. We have chosen to commit ourselves to reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing our hops locally and are excited to have found a 5th generation family hop farm, Crosby Hop Farm that is Salmon Safe. CHF is one of only a handful of Salmon Safe Certified hop farms in the U.S. All of our beer is vegan and made with barley from the Pacific Northwest region. Our beer is not gluten free. Unless otherwise noted, our beers simply have barley, hops, yeast and water as their main ingredients.

Our Flagships

Janis Hoplin IPA–  Raise your hand if you love hops! Made with NW hops, a pint of  Janis Hoplin IPA will for sure take a piece of your heart. 6.8% ABV and 65 IBU

Front Line Pale Ale- 6.0% ABV and 55 IBU- The wonder of Cascade, Crystal and Nugget hops create a beer with a little bite that flows into hop flavor

Mob Barley Imperial Stout– Satisfy your soul and find your one love while sipping on our Mob Barley Stout. Chocolatey, roasty and bold. 8.8% and 40IBU

Hey Porter–  Throw down your cash and grab our Hey Porter. You won’t be able to wait any more for a second pint once you taste this unique blend of coffee, chocolate and wheat malts. 6.4% ABA and 40 IBU

Grateful Red- Our Grateful Red reminds us of a scarlet begonia.  This ale will ripple through your taste buds with the fragrance of Cascade, Willamette and Columbus hops. We use 5 different malt varieties and 4 hop varietals for this hoppy red. 7.1% and 70 IBU

One Hit Wonders & Seasonals

CPA CDA – Dedicated to CPAs and everyone else out there putting in the long hours. Dark barley and strong hops bring the best of both worlds with a dark beer and an IPA. 6.8% and 60IBU

Eight Days a Wheat – A simple malt bill with 2-row and wheat. This easy drinking beer has a unique addition of za’atar and sumac in the boil to give the beer a lemon and herb profile. 5.5% and 30IBU

Moonshadow Belgian Chocolate Ale – A dark Belgian beer with a hint of chocolate flavor that isn’t too heavy. 6.5% and 45IBU

I Got 5 On It IIPA–  Give me a brew and I might just chill. With 5 varietals of hops, this Imperial packs a punch.  8% ABV and 80 IBU

Crossroads Session IPA-  Now tell me what ya gonna do when it ain’t nowhere to run? Light body, with lots of Columbus and Falconer’s Flight hops for flavor and aroma. We will see you at the crossroads so you won’t be lonely. 5% ABV and 45 IBU

Funky Town Apricot Ale– Won’t you take me to Funkytown? Made with 21 pounds of pure apricot, this delicious summertime ale makes us want to dance! 5.8% and 65 IBU

Across the Universe IPA – Featuring Cascade, Amarillo and Galaxy hops brings limitless undying love, which shines around you like a million suns. 6.6% and 65IBU

Shoreline Pale–  Smooth, fresh and full of nostalgia, our Shoreline Pale reminds us of watching live shows on sunny days. Jerry, Santana, Lilith Fair and Lollapalooza…. 5% ABV and 40 IBU

Maccabeer 2015-“This is a beer that uhh..There’s a lot of Christmas beers out there and uhh..not too many Chanukah beers. So uhh..We brewed a beer for all those nice little Jewish kids who don’t get to drink any Chanukah beers. Here we go…”  6.3% ABV and 60 IBU