Community Supported Brewing

A Leikam Brewing CSB Membership makes you an official part of our brewing community. In addition to your monthly subscription, we reserve special perks just for you! Not sure you want to commit to being a shareholder? Come by and fill an individual growler to try us out.

Our memberships run in 6 month (half) and 12 month (full) increments. Along with monthly growler or crowler fills, a CSB membership includes discounts on merchandise and beer purchases (additional fills and/or kegs).  The option exists for our community in addition to direct sales. The “share” is paid for up front and the beers are filled as needed, a bit like a punch card.

This program allows us to build a community around our beer and provide a discount to our members. By pre-purchasing your beer through our CSB program, you are not only ensuring that you get to drink great beer year round, but you are giving trust to Leikam Brewing and its vision. You’re more than customers to us; you’re participants in the brewery experience.

Full Share
24 growlers or crowler can fills over a 12 month period – $200

Half Share
12 growler or crowler can fills over a six month period – $100

You also get

  • An adventure with beer and it is only possible with the support of our CSB members. We want your input on the next beer for CSB members!
  • Spent grains for your pizza crust or to make your own dog treats by request
  • 10% off any kegs ordered or additional growlers filled

Full share subscribers also get

  • All of the above plus…
  • A sweet Leikam Brewing T-shirt
  • 10% off additional Leikam Brewing Swag

For more information, and before subscribing, please read the “Subscription Details” below.

Subscription Details

How do I get my beer each month? At this time, subscriptions may be picked up at Leikam Brewing by appointment. You can pick up your share by appointment via phone or email any time between the first and last day of each month. During the summer you can also pick up pre-filled crowlers at the Hollywood or Beaverton Farmers Markets. The markets are every Saturday and we alternate locations week to week.

What do I need to pick up my share? You must show your membership card and photo ID to pick up your share.  The subscription holder is the only person allowed to pick up, unless otherwise arranged prior to pick up.

Can I use my own growler, different from the one I receive with my subscription? If so, will I get a discount?  We are happy to fill other growlers that are clean and in good condition.  All beer purchases for members are subject to the discount given by their subscription.

Are there other membership benefits? Members receive discounts on merchandise and additional beer purchases. We will also host events for members only.  Our goal is to make this a partnership with our members. We encourage your feedback, and will look forward to seeing you each month!

Are current members guaranteed spots for the next round of subscriptions? Individuals who are members of the CSB at the time subscriptions go on sale will have a chance to renew before any new members join the CSB.

When are memberships available? Can I start a membership at any time? Community Supported Brewery Memberships are available for purchase at any time.

How should I pick up if my share includes more than one growler a month? You can pick up any way that works for you if you purchase/bring additional growlers. (i.e if you choose the 2 growler per month level, you can get 2 at once if you purchase or provide the additional growlers to fill.)

Can I buy a subscription as a gift? Yes! If purchasing a subscription as a gift you are required, at time of purchase, to  designate the person for whom you are purchasing it. Both parties must be at least 21 years of age.

Please send any questions to

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