About Us

One of the best things about opening a brewery is the smile people get when you tell them. Everybody wants great beer… especially in Portland, Oregon where beer flows like the Willamette, through the heart of the city. It was a pipe dream at first. Theo had been brewing beer as a hobby for about 6 years, but start a brewery? In our backyard? We talked about it for months. Then, while visiting Costa Rica with our family, we sat down and said “That’s it, no more talking–we are going to do it!” With three boys now under the age of 10, it has been a crazy ride full of late nights and long, unexpected obstacles… and laughter.

Theo is our CEO/President/Founder and responsible for all brewery operations. Theo also doubles as our “Master Brewer” and recipe development “team”, accounting,  purchasing, shipping and receiving, muscle and more. He is also our keg washer, janitor, head of maintenance, and everything else.

Sonia Marie is our Co-Founder/Marketing Director/ Sales Executive/ Social Media Ambassador and  preforms “other duties as assigned.” As assistant brewer, she is also responsible for finding creative ways to use spent grains, watering the hops in the yard and friendly customer service.

We love supporting our local community by providing tasty beer for events. If you are a community organization requesting a donation, please contact us with a minimum of 60 days notice. We are a small operation, so if we can’t provide a donation right now, do check back.

Some of the organizations we are proud to support!

Some of the organizations we are proud to support!